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I was referred to Dr. Olan for a second opinion on gum surgery as I was considering having an implant done. Going to Dr. Olan as opposed to the first periodontist I went to was like night and day. He spent a long time with me and explained everything that he needed to do. I was very comfortable with him and I didn’t experience any pain whatsoever. My recovery from the gum surgery was uneventful. No bleeding, swelling or pain. After recovering from the gum surgery, I went back to Dr. Olan for a consultation for the implant. Again, he spent time with me and explained the entire procedure. I made the appointment and had the implant done on Nov. 3. Again, no bleeding, swelling or pain. He was done so quickly that I didn’t realize the whole procedure was over. I went back for a checkup two weeks later and now I just have to wait for the implant surgery to heal completely before having a tooth inserted. I would highly recommend Dr. and his staff. They are all very friendly and accommodating.
– Joanne rodes

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